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You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.

djmoch honked 02 Dec 2020 11:18 -0500
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I’m in training this week and the instructor keeps using the phrase “traditional systemd service,” to which I take umbrage

djmoch honked 01 Dec 2020 13:55 -0500
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Damn you, Unix:

$ whoami

hangs head

djmoch honked 30 Nov 2020 12:07 -0500
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If you’re talking to someone about htpasswd, how do you pronounce it?

djmoch honked 30 Nov 2020 07:21 -0500
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The headline highlights the least interesting part of an article I otherwise fully agree with. The trail Apple is blazing with their ARM-based PC’s will pay dividends for the rest of us in the next few years.


djmoch honked 29 Nov 2020 10:18 -0500
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My wife and I have been married a little over nine years, so we decided it was time to get one dresser to share in our bedroom.

She got one from Ikea, so that's what I was doing yesterday.

djmoch honked 28 Nov 2020 11:30 -0500
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I was today years old when I started getting messages on my phone addressed from my oldest child